Saturday, June 14, 2014


After the death of Jesus, the disciples were fearful and bewildered, until one day, the risen Christ came and stood among them. He did something else significant -- He showed them His scars. As far as we know, the risen Christ lives today with the scars of his crucifixion. And if Jesus lives with scars, so can we.

Every one of us comes to Christ wounded. In his grace and mercy, he stops the bleeding and saves our lives. But the scars remain. We live with the scars of abuse, the scars of neglect, the scars of bad habits, the scars of loss, and the scars of lying (our lies and the lies of others). Some of us live with the scars of running around in the darkness for too many years. We live with scars caused by others and we live with self inflicted scars. We have our obvious scars and we have our hidden scars.

Sometimes we are wounded by a parent who doesn’t live up to their calling. Sometimes that scar came from being betrayed by someone you loved and trusted. Scarring sometimes involves a loss of innocence that can never be recovered. Scars can come from losing someone very dear to you.

Why would God allow the scars of the past to remain? Why doesn’t God just heal them and make them disappear with a word? The answer is simple: our scars serve a valuable purpose. Scars are visible evidence of God’s healing. They are wounds that have been healed. They are not a curse, left to shame us or defeat us. God doesn’t remove them because they speak volumes about his great love for us and his power to heal and restore. Our scars remind us of who we were and where we came from. They also help us appreciate where we are now. And they provide great incentive not to return to the “old days”. Being reminded of yesterday’s pain can help us appreciate the peace we have today.   

The bottom line is this: If Jesus lives with scars… so can we. That’s why I thank God for my scars today.

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